Premier Series

Join our flagship series and race with the fastest drivers on Assetto Corsa. Featuring two splits for different skill levels on Saturday evenings.


The premier series has previously featured the amazing open-wheel machines by RSS and VRC. Create your own team and livery, and race on large grids with qualifying and strategy.


The premier series is currently in the off season, but you can still join our Discord server and sign up for the next season. Stay tuned for more updates and announcements!

Sprint Series

The Sprint Series is our more raw and diverse series of Formula Trout League, featuring various lower division open wheel formula cars and sportscars.


Formerly known as the F3 Series, the Sprint Series has hosted cars such as the VRC Formula North America and RSS Hyperion, offering a range of racing experiences on both traditional road courses and challenging oval circuits.


Currently you can join us on Saturday evenings as we race the VRC Formula Beta 2008, a fast and capable single-seater. To get involved, simply join our Discord server and get ready to race!